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AUTOSAT 2S Control

Fast tracking satellite system for caravans and motorhomes with very high wind stability. This system is built to withstand the harsh Australian conditions!

The Autosat 2S is the strongest system on the market and boasts the highest wind stability whilst also making it perfect for off-road travel due to the strong and durable design of the gearbox. The Autosat 2S gearbox is hand built in Germany and now comes with a 5 - year warranty because of its ability to endure the harsh Australian environment. It has a single button operation system with advanced fast tracking technology that allows it to lock onto the satellite within a minute after pressing the on button.

The Autosat 2S guarantees reception Australia wide with a large 85cm dish to pick up high signal. It also has a compact design for when you travel, stopping it from adding unnecessary height to your vehicle. 

Also Available in 65cm

Dish size: 65/85 cm

Gain: Very High

Wind stability : Very High

100% compatible with Foxtel and VAST and any other main receiver on the Australian market. (Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.)

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