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Satellite signals can be spotty when you are camping in the bush in the middle of nowhere, meaning that watching your TV may be your only source of electronic entertainment. While it is great to enjoy all the wonders of the outdoors, during the evening wind-down it can be nice to curl up with loved ones and watch something fun on TV.

Though we may take it for granted in the cities and regional areas, it can be quite difficult to get a strong enough signal for the clear picture you are used to. For the best results, you need a strong TV antenna / aerial that can find and pick up a signal even in the most isolated areas.

Intellisat carries only the best range of caravan TV antennas available. Designed with the Australian climate in mind, your new antenna will last for years to come and provide you with a quality TV viewing experience just like at home.

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Never again will you be stuck with lousy reception or static — our caravan TV antennas allow you to watch your favourite shows wherever you are in Australia and will pick up a strong signal every time.

Whether you’re camping on the coast, bush, or the middle of the desert, we guarantee that you will be able to get great reception as if you were right back in your living room.

Great for camping, road trips across Australia, and anywhere else you want to go — our satellite systems will ensure that you are always connected.


Australia isn’t exactly known for its friendly weather. When it comes to the extreme heat, wind, or heavy rain, you need a TV antenna that can endure and keep providing reception. Flimsy foldaway options and cheaper products won’t be of use to you here — you want something as tough as the Australian climate that will stay strong throughout your camping adventures.

Our antennas are designed by leading manufacturers in Germany and The Netherlands but tried and tested by regular Aussies just like you. Over the last fifteen years, our products have withstood the worst that Mother Nature could throw at them, giving our customers crystal clear picture through thick and thin. Wherever you go on your travels and whatever you put your antenna through, it will last and ensure you always have access to the shows you want.


In heavy wind, it may be almost impossible to watch your TV with other caravan antennas. This is because antennas must be positioned in the correct spot to pick up the signal; if the wind is too strong, it is difficult to keep it aligned at all times.

Not only does our antenna automatically seek the best signal for your location, but it will stay there. While other antennas may wobble and move, causing your show to cut out, ours will stand firm even against strong sea breezes.

No matter how strong the gales get, your antenna will never falter.

Never miss a game!

You’re in the middle of nowhere but the game is on next! Sure, you could tape it back home, but what about spoilers?

Whatever you love — footy, rugby, cricket, soccer, or something else — we’ll help ensure that you won’t miss any of the action. Our antenna will pick up your game live and will provide a quality picture that won’t drop out when things get good.

Supporting your favourite team while enjoying some quality time in the outdoors — what could be better?

Want to watch your sports while on holidays? You won’t miss a second with our caravan TV antenna’s high quality reception.


With our caravan TV antennas, you can watch free to air television and Foxtel with no fuss at all. For the best picture and the most channel options, our products are leaders in the industry.

User friendly design

Antennas can sometimes be difficult to use — how are you supposed to know where to position it to get the best signal? Luckily, we’ve taken all the hard work out of the equation with our automatic system.

Simply press a button on your controller, complete with LCD crystal display and smart functions, and your antenna will automatically search for the strongest signal.


Based in Melbourne, we are able to supply caravan TV antennas to people all across Australia. Our products are stocked by many caravan dealerships and third-party suppliers around the country; alternatively, you can order a caravan TV antenna delivery directly from us.

If you need a new TV antenna for your caravan, you can’t do better than the gold standard. We offer a great price on all of our products and quality and performance is always assured. You can find out more information in store or by contacting us online.

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