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With over 15 years of experience, Intellisat began by supplying and installing high-quality antennas on caravans. Today we have established a distinguished name as a high-quality, Auto-tracking satellite dish supplier for Caravans, Motorhomes and marine liners in Australia.

Unlike mass producing companies, we provide long-lasting reliable products paired with expertise and technical back-up wherever you are. We are proudly acknowledged as having the best products known to the industry and are currently unmatched in quality!

90% of our Automatic satellite systems are fitted by most caravan dealerships and various suppliers and the remaining 10% are fitted at Intellisat, this makes us the primary source of your Automatic satellite dish which has been thoroughly tested for your interests by us here at Intellisat.

Serving the whole of Australia, our goal is to provide you with complete system solutions and the system you need wherever you are!




There has been a Transponder change on the Optus satellite.

Click here for more information if your system is no longer finding the satellite