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Want to watch satellite television while out at sea? We can make sure you can always stay connected.

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Quality German design tested by Aussies just like you


This top of the line roof mounted system is without a doubt the most durable and reliable caravan satellite dish you’ll find on the market. Your caravan or motorhome will have access to all the free to air and Foxtel you could ever want to watch for years to come anywhere in Australia. 


Simply press the power button and the satellite dish will do the rest, finding the strongest signal available in your area in 30 seconds. The LCD display on the remote tells you everything you need to know about the signal search and strength so you know that it is working. 


The Autosat will also automatically shut down when the vehicle is in ignition and folds completely flat, so you never have to worry about damaging the system while in transit. As soon as you park and turn on, the satellite will pop right back up and find a signal in no time! The system also takes up minimal space, perfect for mounting on the roof of a caravan without getting in the way. 


Other cheaper products may struggle in high wind — not this one! The Autosat has a heavy-duty gearbox and optimised stiffening elements that set it apart from most other satellite dishes, allowing it to support the device against strong gusts of wind that try to blow it off course and ruin your viewing. 


The high gain 85 cm dish itself is thicker, ensuring that it will not warp or bend over years of use to continue providing high-quality reception and picture. 


With our early systems still in use and excellent shape over a decade later, you can trust that the Autosat is a solid investment that will pay off plentifully in the years to come. We have both the standard 85 cm and the smaller 65 cm satellite dish to accommodate for size where it is needed and a smaller lightweight version, designed for pop-top caravans where shedding extra weight is essential. 


  • Minimal power use
  • Non-corrosive materials and no electronics on the outside of the dish
  • Three-year warranty on all systems


Take your satellite TV wherever you go


After something a little more portable for your camping adventures? Our Travelvision model is the perfect solution.


Whether you’re camping rough, or simply want a more flexible option for your caravan or motorhome, this 65/80 cm high gain satellite dish can get you the signal you need anywhere in Australia. 


If you’re looking for something a little lower in price, don’t want to go for a roof mounted caravan satellite system or don’t spend as much time camping to justify the cost, this is a more suitable option. Travelvision is less pricey than some of our other products, but still with the quality and craftsmanship our customers have come to expect from us. The Travelvision model is automatic, taking the pain out of the search for quality reception, and operates with a simple press of a button. Simply put outside, turn on, and you’ll have access to satellite TV almost immediately!


With a tripod base built for uneven ground, you never have to worry about the stability of your satellite dish. Extremely lightweight, this model is simple to set up and pack away for easy storage inside your caravan or car. 


  • Battery-operated for off the grid areas
  • More affordable price
  • Removable anti-theft remote


EPAK Marine systems

Constant coverage while cruising


Watching TV while sitting back and cruising the high seas — what could be better?


When you’re constantly moving, it can be difficult for your satellite dish to keep up so that your reception doesn’t cut out. Our new systems are designed to compensate for this, with tracking speeds between 30° to 40° per second per axis and an extended elevation range. To ensure that there is never a gap in your coverage while in transit, our systems use Diversity Kits and combine two powerful antennas into a single bundle; if one antenna happens to be blocked by the ship or another obstacle, the other will kick in to compensate. 


Our marine satellite dishes come in a range of sizes, depending on your price range and your needs. All are capable of supporting more than one TV or receiver, meaning that you are not limited to watching a single television — perfect if you have more than one room and want to keep the kids or grandkids occupied. 


  • Constant coverage while travelling through Australia waters
  • Single, twin and quattro availability
  • Diversity kits and multi-user kits 



If you don’t have an existing receiver/decoder box, you’ll need one in order to watch VAST satellite TV — otherwise, your satellite dish is just for decoration. 


Each satellite dish in our arsenal is compatible with all standard VAST receivers, but what if you don’t already have one? We’ve got you covered. 


Our top of the line receivers will allow you to tap into the VAST network anywhere in Australia and are even use Freeview Plus compatible so you can catch up on any TV you may have missed while out in the wilderness. Able to withstand the hot temperatures that come when you’re not inside your caravan, our receivers are built for life on the road: compact and tough. 


Our receivers are some of the smallest and most advanced on the market. The software can be updated to support any changes to the VAST network, guaranteeing your box is future-proof and designed to last. 


  • VAST certified 
  • Twin tuners to record two shows at once
  • Short circuit protection and low power consumption




Planning to spend a lot of time in extremely remote areas with low power satellite signal? Our twin LNB is adapted for all Australian systems and helps to improve the signal quality for the best results. It contains everything you’ll need. 


Engineered to meet the strictest industry standards, our LNBs are made to enhance your viewing experience. 


  • Compatible with all standard satellite systems
  • Low noise and power consumption
  • High frequency stability

What about installation?


All of our systems are designed to be simple to install in your boat, caravan or motorhome. Each product comes with specific instructions that will serve as a guide, but below are some general considerations to keep in mind. 


Your new satellite TV system will come with two main components: the satellite dish itself, and the decoder (or receiver), which, as the name suggests, decodes the signal and allows you to access all the available channels. 


For roof mounted models, deciding where to put your dish will depend on what type of caravan you have. The person who sold you the satellite dish should be able to point out the best position if you purchased from a dealership — otherwise, contact our team online or by phone and we’ll be glad to advise you on your installation. 


If you are not installing it yourself you may organise an installation with the dealership you purchased it from, or you can organise an installation with us here at Intellisat.


If your satellite dish is not mounted on your vehicle, make sure that your tripod is properly secured. Our stands are designed to be sturdy, but it is never a bad idea to be cautious. 


As soon as you connect the satellite dish to the decoder inside, power up your system and it will immediately begin to search for the strongest signal in your location and will align itself within the span of a minute. Once complete you can sit back and relax. 


And there you have it! You’ve done all the hard work — enjoy watching your TV!

How can I start watching free to air TV?


If you intend to watch Foxtel or have another cable box, you should already be set up (if not, visit the cable company’s site and follow their instructions). However, if you want to watch free to air television, you’ll need to register your unique VAST decoder card. This comes paired with your VAST decoder and must be renewed every six months to remain valid. 


There are two simple ways to register your card:


  1. When you purchase your decoder, there will be a registration form inside of the box. If you don’t plan on going camping for a while, you can simply fill this out and send in the old fashioned way.
  2. If you need your TV for this weekend’s trip, visit the MySatTV website. Here, you’ll find an online form to temporarily set up VAST under ‘Traveller’s Registration’. There can be some delays with this service, so it is always best to allow 48 hours for your application to go through. 


Once you’re registered, you’re good to go! Enjoy watching VAST satellite TV wherever you go in Australia!

Need some help with installation? Our team will be happy to give you a hand. Just give us a call at 03 9555 1550 and we’ll help you sort out any problems you have!


Delivery across Australia


Our products can be found in all caravan dealerships and accessory shops across the country. Wherever you are in Australia, we can make sure that you are equipped with the best systems available for your caravan, motorhome or marine liner


Can’t find the products you’re looking for in store? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help set you up with your new caravan satellite dish or marine satellite dish!

About Intellisat


For the last fifteen years, we have supplied Australia with the best satellite dishes for their caravans, motorhomes, camping and boating adventures. Our caravan satellite dish options are second to none and have set the standard in the industry. 


Our team is based in Moorabbin, Victoria, and sources all of our products from leading European manufacturers to guarantee quality and design precision. We believe in simple, elegant designs that perform and last. 

Our guarantee


  • 100% coverage across Australia
  • Long-lasting quality products
  • Simple installation and excellent service

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Our products excel even in the most remote areas of Australia and are compatible with every single type of caravan, receiver and cable box on the market — whatever you use, you’ll be sure to get a signal. 


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