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Inverto 10.7 Twin LNB


Designed in Luxembourg by the leading LNB manufacturer Inverto LNB's, this 10700 LNB is designed to suit the Australian market and is compatible with the VAST free to air satellite service as well as Foxtel.  , these LNB's feature ultra low noise circuitry that further increases carrier to noise ratio's and higher MER figures than competing LNB brands.  This results in the best performance in low power satellite signal areas like Central Australia and remote WA regions such as Kununurra and the Kimberley.

With standard 40mm throat the Inverto Essential LNB will fit straight on to any standard offset satellite dish LNB holder.  The straight through feed also keeps the cables and connections low profile and less obtrusive when used in a portable application like a caravan or motorhome.  Furthermore, the StraightFeed design is better suited for motorised dish housings due to its compact design.

Specifically designed for the Australian DTH market, this LNB provides optimised reception capabilities for receiving linear polarised high band satellite signals and enables its distribution to up-to two single tuner Set-top box (or 1 in the case of a twin- tuner STB). It is factory set for easy connectivity with any LO 10.70GHz preset Set-top boxes, fully supports High Definition transmissions and provides excellent Noise Figure performance. Manufactured to the highest industry quality standards and designed to meet strict specifications, this LNB is an ideal solution for satellite broadcast reception across Australia.  


  • LO frequency 10.70 GHz Low Noise figure
  • Low phase Noise HDTV-DVBS2 compliant
  • Low Noise figure
  • Low Power consumption
  • High Cross-Pole performance
  • High Frequency stability

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